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Today’s Weather: Thu 18th


Temperature: 25°C/77°F
Humidity: 82%
Winds: East- northeast to east at 7 – 14mph.
Seas: Moderate at heights 1.2 – 1.8m or 4 – 6ft. An advisory remains in effect for sea bathers against rough sea conditions.
Sunset: Today 5:58 pm
Today’s Forecast (7 am): Fair to partly cloudy with a slight or 20 percent chance of showers. Weather tonight: Partly…Full Details

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Caribbean Climate Outlook Newsletter (January to March 2018)

BRIEF SUMMARY: September 2017 to March 2018

September to November 2017: Major hurricane activity has been record high in the Caribbean during Sept. of the 2017 Hurricane Season. This led to destructive wind, extreme wet spell related flash floods and inundations in at least 10 territories. In Sept-Oct-Nov, most areas observed at least the usual, copious rainfall totals, while excessively hot ‘feels-like’ temperatures have been recorded in Haïti, Lesser Antilles and Guianas through Oct.

January to March 2018: With weak La Niña conditions unfolding, precipitation totals are forecast to be high enough to prevent drought from being a…read more

Know Your Shelter!

Do you live in St. Thomas’ parish? You may need to head to the Barnes Ghaut Community Centre because of a hazard or disaster. Learn more about this shelter’s location, manager(s), capacity, etc.


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The management and staff of the Nevis Disaster Management Department extends Season’s Greetings and New Year wishes to all stakeholders, response agencies and volunteers.