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Today’s Weather: Sat 8th August


Temperature: 28°C / 82°F
Humidity: 83%
Sea Level Pressure: 1018.7mbs or 30.08’’
Winds: East-northeast at 12 to 19mph and gusting to 29mph.
Seas: 1 to 1.5 metres or 3 to 5 feet.
Sunset: Today 6:40 pm
Sunrise: Tomorrow 5:53 am
Today’s Forecast (7 am): Today will be partly cloudy with a 20 percent or a slight chance of showers. Tonight will be partly cloudy with a 20 percent or a slight chance of showers…Full Details

Events & Notices


Ode to Christena

She was named Christena
In Latin it means “Follower of Christ” for those who never met her.
And of her this is a summation of the story of her history as told me.
They say she took to sea one sunny Saturday afternoon August…read more

Some CDEMA Participating States begin to reopen borders as they continue to manage the COVID-19 situation

In the week to Thursday July 2, 2020 among the 20 CARICOM members and associate members, there have been 902 new confirmed cases (compared to 975 last week, and 1080 two weeks ago) and 20 new confirmed deaths (compared to…read more

Climate Center

CariCOF Caribbean Climate Outlooks: August to October 2020

Entering the peak of the 2020 wet season in Belize and the Islands, there will be high flooding, flash flood and landslide potential, but also, likely, strong tropical cyclone activity. The possibility of a La Niña event further increases the…read more

CDPMN Caribbean Drought Bulletin – July 2020                 

Rainfall in the eastern Caribbean was predominantly below normal during the month of May. Trinidad was normal in the south to severely dry in the northeast; Tobago, St Vincent, Antigua and St Croix moderately dry; Grenada slightly dry; Barbados slight to moderately dry; Saint Lucia, St Maarten and St Thomas extremely…read more