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Today’s Weather: Sun 20th


Temperature: 24°C/75°F
Humidity: 79%
Winds: East at 9 to 17 mph with lighter spells overnight.
Seas: 1 to 1.5 metres or 3 to 5 feet.
Sunset: Today 6:00 pm
Sunrise: Tomorrow 6:44 am
Today’s Forecast (7 am): Weather today: Partly cloudy skies with a 50 percent or moderate chance of brief showers. Weather tonight: Mostly fair and cool conditions with a 10 percent or slight chance of an evening shower…Full Details

Events & Notices

3rd February to 5th February 2019: World Food Program (WFP) End to End Supply Chain Management Training in Antigua and Barbuda.

Climate Center

CDPMN Caribbean Drought Bulletin – January 2019


Short and long term droughts are likely to develop in parts of the Caribbean during this dry season, as a weak to moderate El Nino becomes more likely. The Caribbean in general should monitor water resources and look out for updates on the situation…review bulletin

Climate Center

CariCOF Caribbean Climate Outlooks: January 2019 to June 2019


Summary for the upcoming 3-month period, January 2019 to March 2019:  “With an El Niño on forecast, chances of drought and recurrent dry spells during the dry season are increased, except in The Bahamas, Cayman and Cuba. Region-wide, extreme drought is…review bulletins

Know Your Shelter!

You may need to head to a shelter because of a hazard or disaster. Learn more about shelter locations, managers, capacities, etc. Do you live in St. Paul’s parish? Do you live in St. John’s parish? Do you live in St. James’ parish? Do you live in St. George’s parish? Do you live in St. Thomas’ parish?